10 ways to get your focus back on your business

10 ways to get your focus back on your business

So it’s the New Year and you need to get your focus back on your business. Easier said than done isn’t?

I love Christmas. I love the twinkling lights, the decorations, the food and of course the drink. I also love how it’s the one time of year we get all the family together to relax and touch base with what’s going on in our busy lives. Then January hits hard. Kids go back to Uni and School and Hubby goes back to work. For us solo entrepreneurs who work from home it can be a shock to the system and it’s hard to get your mojo back on your business.

Knowing where to start and kick your business back into gear is not easy when you’re on your own so I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve done over the last week to try and get me focused back on the business again.

1. Accept that January is quiet so take time to plan

That long haul to payday in January seems to go on forever. Everyone tightens up the purse strings after Christmas so sometimes its better to accept that and use the quieter period to plan out what your focus is for the year.

Business Ideas plan

2. Start your bullet journal

Last year I started bullet journaling which I honestly can say kept me really organised. Being a stationery addict I obviously took the opportunity to start a new journal for the new year. It’s taken time to transfer over the information but now this one book holds all my plans, ideas and reference points. I’m not a creative bullet journaller as I don’t have time for that but I have created layouts that work for me. If you want to find out more about starting Bullet Journaling have a look at one of earlier posts.

3. Put up a wall planner so you can look at the year in a glance

I loved my wall planner last year so much that I contacted Lela from Doodlelove and added them to the Got2Jot range. For me having my yearly plan above my PC is so quick and easy to refer to with dates and it looks fab too. We recently did an interview with Lela, so to find out more about her and her inspirations click here.

Adventure Awaits 2020 wall planner

4. Make contacts with people in your networks and facebook groups.

Over the last year I steadily built up my facebook groups that I became members of. To be honest there’s so many out there you can get overwhelmed. I’d suggest you do your research, join, engage and then you will get to see if it’s right one for you. If not, don’t be scared to come off them. I found a few groups that have been great for me in terms of bouncing ideas around and sharing the good times and the bad times.

5. Take your notebook or laptop and go and work in a coffee shop

I’m actually writing this at my local coffee haunt. Writing doesn’t always come easy to me so finding a change of scene can be the right way to focus you. It also means that you break up the day and get out of the house.

6. Find out about local networking groups which may suit you.

I’m not into breakfast networking meetings. I’m not into hard sell and I hate all these referral groups. So finding the right networking group is a bit of a challenge. Once you find one, go along and see for a couple of meetings. Usually the first ones are free. You need to weigh up the cost of the event, the cost of your time versus what you’re going to get out of it. But remember it’s about finding contacts who may help you or lead to other ways to grow your business, it’s not always about getting sales out of it.

7. Do some of the housekeeping on your website – look at your keywords, delete old products, update your images.

Sometimes we’re so focused on updating the main part of our websites, we forget the importance of the deeper pages. Take time to go through. Do a customer journey and make sure it all works, does it make sense, are there any spelling mistakes, are there any products that you should take off so customers don’t get disappointed.

8. If the light allows block out an afternoon to take some photos.

One of our family presents for Christmas was a new DSLR camera. I’m happy snapping with my phone but will be taking time out this month to start playing with the new beast. Any tips for product shots would be welcome along with brighter days!

9. Block out a day to look at your social media – update your profile, delete old images that don’t suit.

Instagram and Pinterest are all about the visual side of the brand. I’m going to go through and make sure the Got2Jot feeds look good and consistent, delete images from the feed or my boards and review my hashtags.

10. Take time out for you to help get your personal mojo back

Don’t forget you. The better you feel about yourself the more likely you will get your mojo back so I’ve gone back to Slimming World. So close to target before Christmas but well that’s another story ….  Also I’ve gone back to Pilates to improve my flexibility and posture. Too many days hunched over a PC or lugging heavy boxes around to corporate pop ups has taken its toll.

Hopefully some of these pointers will help you get started again for the New Year. I’dl ove to hear back of any other tips that people have found helped to get through this time too.

In the meantime – Keep Jotting


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