Create the perfect planner with Bullet Journaling

How Bullet Journaling will help you create the perfect planner to suit your life

How many times have we searched long and hard to find that perfect planner or journal in the hope of it revolutionising our life. We get it home and start to fill it in with a feeling of excitement that we are suddenly going to be that organised person in control of their to do list.

A few weeks in and you start to realise that it doesn’t quite cut it for you. You wished it had extra space for weekends or a space for favourite quotes. How can you bring your family life into that little square they have allocated.

That is why I started Bullet Journaling about 3 years ago. I used to get frustrated that as beautiful as those planners were they just didn’t give me everything that I needed to manage my work and home life in one place.

Kick in the Bullet Journal system. Created by Ryder Carroll, the Bullet Journal system focuses all your activities into one journal. So no more sticky notes everywhere and lists in multiple places. No more stacks of notebooks on the go all at once.

Why I’m passionate about Bullet Journaling?

For me being a stationery addict and business owner although I have access to a wealth of gorgeous stationery Bullet Journaling was the answer especially as I loved the idea of customising my journal to suit my life.

It’s become my daily companion for all my to do lists which I’ve set it up in a way that captures tasks for family, work and time for me in one place.

I no longer feel out of control and forgetful about things as the “rapid logging” that you use in the journal means you keep a note of all things and they’re in the right place.

I love the chance to bring a bit of mindfulness into my day especially in current times where taking time to reflect and feel grateful for things is so important. You can easily create gratitude spreads in your journal and set out daily intentions.

Some weeks are busier than others so your Bullet Journal then flexes to be more of a deep dive into a particular day where you have a lot of tasks to complete.

I also love the opportunity it gives me to slow down and get creative with colouring pens and pencils to bring my own style to my journal.

Creating learning tools to help you start Bullet Journaling

I know there is a lot of inspiration and ideas out on the social media but when you start up a journal you literally have a blank notebook to begin with.

Feedback I often get is that I love the idea of Bullet Journaling but I don’t know how to start or I just don’t feel confident enough.

So many people really want to get more organised with their daily lives and still prefer pen and paper. They still have lists everywhere but they’re scattered around and they forget what they need to do and more importantly WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM.

I know how daunting it can be to face that blank page so I wanted to help others and show how to get started with Bullet Journaling so it gets you over those first few hurdles.

How we can help you learn

I really wanted to create as many flexible ways of learning as we all lead busy lives.

We have 3 ways to help you get started.

1. E-Course

Created and guided by me there are 8 modules of learning for you to run through so you can get up and running. From how to set up your journal to lots of inspiration for how to use it for work, well-being, students and even how to do doodles. The beauty of this learning experience is you can dip in and out at a time to suit you and go back over sections when you want a refresh.

Find out more about our E-Courses

2. Online Live Workshops

Hosted by myself a small group learning session run via Zoom for an hour will give you plenty of tips to start your journal and beyond. You can ask questions throughout the session and meet fellow journalers who experience similar issues and want to learn.

Find out more about our Online workshops

3. Face to Face workshops

These are my favourites where we “get dirty” with Stationery!

A 2.5 hour workshop run by myself you’re surrounded with lots of stationery and a beautiful journal to start writing in. Coffee in one hand and pen in the other you will learn how to create your first spreads and practice designs. Currently due to restrictions these are planned for future times when we can get together around a table safely.

(Normally run in Milton Keynes and surrounding counties)

Contact us to find out more about our Face to Face workshops

Want to meet fellow “Bujo” fans?

Join our Facebook group Bullet Journal Social where I will share tips, ideas and you can get inspiration to help you with your journaling journey.

Fancy trying some Bullet Journal Goodies?

June spread for Bullet Journaling
There’s lots of journals, pens and starter kits online at

If you want to find out any more information or simply have a chat how Bullet Journaling can help you personally or maybe your teams who are working remotely at the moment then please drop me an email to

Keep Jotting

Sarah x

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