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How to really spoil Mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s day or Mothering Sunday as it’s sometimes called is always for me the real start of spring.  The days are longer and there’s the anticipation of warmer weather on its way.

For those in the UK who haven’t realised it yet Mother’s Day is on 26th March. I know it keeps changing every year which always confuses us but did you know the day originated as being on the 4th Sunday of Lent, so it’s tied into the religious calendar.  Although originating from Greek times, people in the 16th century saw it as a festival day to return to their Mother churches where they spent their childhoods, gathering flowers along the way for their Mothers.  This tradition of giving flowers has continued as a way of showing our Mother love and appreciation for all the hard work and care they give us through the year.

Nowadays we do see the event being taken over by commercialism but sometimes it is the simple things that don’t always cost that much that Mum’s really appreciate.

Here are 5 ideas that I would be happy to get on Mother’s Day from my kids.

1) Spend time with Mum – We all lead busy lives but making sure you have some quality time with your Mum is something we can all do. It doesn’t always have to be on that particular day but plan in a day’s shopping or take her out for the day but to somewhere she wants to go!

2) A lie in especially if with youngsters around they are a rare treat. Then maybe a lovely breakfast in bed or brunch at a favourite restaurant.

3) A handmade card – If you or the kids are feeling crafty make your card, I know I have kept my favourites from the ones my kids made for me in my memory box.

4) Create a photobook – It’s now really easy to upload photos to create albums or canvases of the family.

5) Find a good book and write a little note on the inside that she can keep as a bookmark.

To give you some inspiration we’ve picked out some Mother’s day gifts from Got2Jot and some of our favourite online shops. And if you’re still stumped for ideas and you know your Mum loves stationery then have a look at our stationery gifts.

Fabulous notebook from Hearts Designs

A lovely notebook with a simple message can make her day.

Love postcard for Mum

Jot down a special note for Mum to show how much you care. See our range of inspirational cards.

Little things by Lucy personalised flower crate

“Love you mum” vase arrangement. Say it with flowers. A cute crate with three vases and a hand stamped heart which can be personalised with any message. Last date for Mother’s Day orders is 20/3. Available from Little things by Lucy on Etsy

Mum and Daughter personalised frame

“Like mother like daughter” photo frame Don’t let your favourite photo’s get lost on your phone forever! Personalise the frame with a message of your choice. Last date for Mother’s Day orders is 20/3. Available from Little Things by Lucy on Etsy

As a final piece to posts like these I always like to include some lovely quotes and jokes to make you smile.

“If you feel tense and get a headache, follow the instructions on the bottle of aspirin: Take two tablets and keep away from children”.

“My kids brought me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day: an Egg McMuffin. I was just relieved that I wouldn’t have to clean the kitchen” – Melanie White.

“The only time your Mum smiled when you were crying….. is when you were born”.

If you’d like some more new stationery ideas look at our latest arrivals for Spring.

Or check out the blog on Spring trends.

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