Bullet Journaling for healthy eating

How to use your Bullet Journal to lead a healthier life?

Over the last year, we’ve all been guilty of adding a few extra pounds and having an unhealthy relationship with our sofa watching box sets and NetFlix.

With the summer now upon us, clothes are a little tighter and if you’re like me, you’re refusing to go out and buy “bigger” clothes when you have a perfectly good wardrobe at home. So how do we get rid of the muffin top?

There are many diets out there, I’ve certainly tried most of them but the key has always been about planning your meals and writing down what you eat.

This is where a Bullet Journal can really help you plan, organise, inspire and track your intake of food and “naughties”

What is a Bullet Journal?
Bullet Journal opening spread

For those who have not come across Bullet Journaling, it’s a system that allows you to take back control by streamlining your life into one notebook. Using the system you create and customise your journal to include the things that matter to you. Instead of having multiple notebooks and sticky notes everywhere, you create space within your journal to organise your daily to do lists, ideas, plans and trackers.

It’s a simple system and you can find out more about how to get started on our blog “How to get started with Bullet Journaling”

How can I use my Bullet Journal to lead a healthier life?

Within your journal you can create “collections” where you can start to pool ideas, notes and reminders on anything that is important to you. For this blog we’ve focused on creating a whole range of spreads all to do with healthy eating.

Set up a goals page – This should be the most important page of your healthy eating collection. Really focus on WHY you are wanting to change your eating habits.

  • Are you looking to lose some weight for a particular event like a wedding or a holiday?
  • Have you lost your “mojo” and feel you need to take back control of your eating?
  • Do you want to improve the eating habits of the whole family trying a more balanced diet, bringing in more fruit, veg and the healthy snacks?

There can be a multitude of reasons, but the WHY is the starting point. Follow this up with some timescales and try to be realistic with these. A good and sustainable weight loss is between 1.5lbs-2lbs a week. It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about making good choices that you can follow, enjoy and allows you to include an occasional treat.

It’s all in the planning

So where do you start?

These are just some simple steps that I take, allowing me to organise and plan our weekly meals. Having these spreads that I’ve created in my journal really helps me to focus on the foods that are good and balanced alongside lots of recipe ideas that are simple to create. Like many things with Bullet Journaling, setting up the initial spreads takes a little time but then once you have them in your journal, they’re an easy reference point and can be always be added to.

Create a checklist of your most used ingredients
Food checklist for Bullet Journal

Grab your journal and start to go through your fridge and store cupboards to find the ingredients you use most regularly. This can be from meat to fruit, veg, spices, tinned products. Create categories for them and start to build up your checklist which you can always refer to. In “good” bullet journaling form, make a note of the page that you have created this on, and put that down in your Index so you can find it easily as a reference.

Create a spread for meal ideas and inspiration

Being bored with the same meals or just lacking ideas can be one of the areas that we fall down on when trying to eat healthily. Creating a spread in your journal with your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinners that fit your new healthy eating regime will be a quick reference point to help you start planning. These could be just for you or you could include family favourites with recipes that the whole family like to eat.

Recipe ideas for a Bullet Journal
Plan out your weekly meals

Now you have your meal inspiration spreads with ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners, you can start to create spreads to lay down the meals for the week. Knowing what you are eating for dinner ahead of the time makes it so much easier to stay on track.

Weekly meal planning for Bullet Journaling
Build up your shopping list so you only buy what you need

This is the point where you can start to save yourself time and money. Knowing your weekly meal plan means you can start to create your shopping list based on this, helping you stay focused and saving money as you buy to plan. It will help you stay on track especially when you see all the temptations in the supermarket.

Talking about tracking…

Keeping a spread for tracking your new healthy eating plan is also another way to use your Bullet Journal to eat healthier. Whether its weight or inches or simply how you are feeling in yourself, setting up trackers in your journal is one of the most popular ways of helping you in the journey.

Monitor your water intake

We’re all guilty of this but creating space on your daily or weekly spreads to track your water intake is also a really good way to use your Bullet Journal.

Don’t forget the exercise

In this blog we have focused more on healthy eating and meal planning but there are lots of other ways that you can use your journal for exercise and sleep tracking which should be all part of balancing your health. Watch out for future blogs that will cover this.

The world is your oyster with Bullet Journaling, you can truly create what you want within it, making it personal to you and your life. If you want to find out more we run online workshops or if you prefer to learn at your own pace then our E-Course for beginners maybe right for you. And don’t forget our range of Bullet Journaling notebooks and accessories, we’ve chosen the best for you.

In the meantime happy jotting

Sarah x

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