Bullet Journaling E-Course (Beginners)



Bullet Journaling is a new way of organising your work and home life all in one journal.

  • Do you struggle with organisation and have sticky notes and lists everywhere?
  • Do you have multiple notebooks on the go for projects but struggle to find your notes?
  • Are you always on the search for that perfect planner but have yet to find the one that suits you and your life?
  • Have you lost focus on your goals and vision and need to re-connect?

Our new Bullet Journaling for beginners E-Course will show you step by step how Bullet Journaling can bring productivity and mindfulness into one journal allowing you to focus on the things that matter to you.

To find out more details see below.


Our new Bullet Journaling E-Course for beginners is the perfect way to learn all about Bullet Journaling but at a time that suits you.

Starting Bullet Journaling can be very daunting when you look at all the inspiration on social media platforms and sometimes you just need that helping hand.

Sarah Sibley who runs Got2Jot has been journaling now for over 3 years and is passionate about how it can help you change your life. Having struggled to find the “perfect planner” Bullet Journaling allows you to create and customise a journal that works for you. No longer constrained by a pre-printed planner we will show you how you can bring together all the things that are important to you all in one journal

Working through a series of 8 modules that we have created, Sarah will guide you through, so you can learn how Bullet Journaling can help you :

  • Be more Productive with your daily tasks and goals so you focus on things that really matter
  • More Mindful so you make time to slow down and be aware of where you are currently and whether this is in line with your aspirations and life goals.
  • Creative to bring out your inner artist to create spreads that work for you and your life and bring you joy.
  • Reflect to allow you to start keeping a journal on how you are feeling.

Modules will cover how to structure your journal, how you can use it for work, around the home, for students and much more.


If you purchase our E-Course you will be sent a link to our course introduction page where you will be asked to create an account and password.

This will allow you to sign into the course whenever you want and run at your own pace.

No payment is required on this page just create your account and then you will be ready to get started.


Please note: Prices are correct as displayed but are subject to change. Unfortunately this product is excluded from our sign up mailing discount of 10%


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