Teachers love stationery

Teachers love stationery

It’s nearly the end of term and what a year we have had.  

Home Schooling and uncertainty has taken its toll on both children, parents and teachers. My children are older, but I am full of admiration to those parents who have had to juggle home schooling and working alongside the “in/out” nature of positive tests in the classrooms.

I also have many friends who are teachers who have done an amazing job and put in long hours a home as they have had to switch to online teaching. The amount of preparation, learning new tech, and not being able to “manage” the class with all the different children’s needs has been stressful.

We’re coming to the end of the term and it always brings a period of mixed emotions for children. They maybe leaving a form teacher or teaching assistant who they love, or they could be moving onto new adventures at secondary school or college. Being able to say thank you to those who have helped over the last year and show appreciation means a lot to teachers. 

Who was your favourite teacher at school?

Looking back I always remember the teachers which really made a difference to me. My lovely French teacher, Miss Riot, and how could I forget Mr White – our most gorgeous history teacher who got a class full of A grade passes at A level – (Not sure why we all worked so hard…)

With my own children who are both at University, they still remember the teacher that made a difference to their school days, the ones that engaged with them and made them laugh but mostly those teachers that really “got them.” They see kids through tough times and are firm but fair, so they get the kid’s respect, but mostly they just want to make them the best that they can be.

Plan ahead and give them a gift they’ll use again

We all fall guilty of rushing at the end of term and simply grab chocolates or flowers from the supermarket en route to school as it’s quick and easy. But like most of us, teachers head off on their holidays soon after the end of term so the flowers go to waste. I know I’ve had several bunches donated to me from teacher friends who feel really guilty doing this, but otherwise no one sees the benefit as they’re not around. So if you’ve had a great teacher, or a TA who has spent all year helping support and develop your child then surely they deserve a little more thought?

Thoughtful gift ideas for teachers

There’s something about being a rebel against the boring standard stationery that schools use, so having something quirky, colourful and fun helps express their personality beyond just being “the teacher”!

So for the same price as flowers or posh chocs, we’ve pulled together some ideas that would be more lasting, useful and they would love to receive as an alternative thank you.

There’s lots of lovely notebooks for the start of term or a weekly planner to help with their timetables which can be used at school or at home. We’ve got lots more teacher gift ideas online.

Teachers love to plan but these gorgeous planners can be used at home or for school https://got2jot.co.uk/product-category/organisation/
Our best selling positive postcards are perfect for words of wisdom and motivation https://got2jot.co.uk/product/power-cards-inspire-motivate/
We all love a gorgeous candle, try either our Gratitude, Inspiration or Bliss fragrances https://got2jot.co.uk/product-category/candles-and-wax-melts/

Why not group together and treat them to one of our stationery gift boxes?

You’re probably in a group of Mums all thinking the same as to what to get their Teachers. Rather than lots of small little presents why not group together with some other parents, pool the kitty and then buy a present they will really appreciate.

Clubbing together can be a great way to give a more “meaningful” gift

There are lots more ideas in our Teachers gift collection, for both male and female teachers. So don’t just resort to a bottle of wine or flowers, give a gift that they can use daily, they really deserve so much more this year..

Have a great last few weeks of term and roll on summer

Till then keep jotting!


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