Bullet Journaling through lockdown

Why now is a great time to start Bullet Journaling

Who would have thought at the beginning of this year we would be faced with these life changing restrictions affecting everything we are doing – Certainly not me.

Every person has different challenges and situations but for most of us it has given us time to really reflect on what is important in our lives.

So how best do we try and utilise this time to capture the ideas, the goals and the plans we want to make to our lives when doors start to open?

Bullet Journaling for me has been a godsend during this time. If you have never come across Bullet Journaling before it’s a way of structuring your life using a simple notebook, pen and the “system”

For all of you list lovers and notebook stashers, then this is a new way to help you be more productive, creative and mindful all in one journal. The best part is that you customise the journal to suit your lifestyle and things that are going on around you.

So why is Bullet Journaling a real opportunity to start now?

Take the chance to re-focus on your goals

At the beginning of the year we’re really focused on setting goals for the year ahead but then we can lose our way. We have all the intentions written down but how often do we go back and review them.

Goals log Bullet Journaling
Image: gibralterchess.com

TOP TIP : Take this time to revisit any goals you set out earlier in the year, they are bound to have changed with the lockdown. You may also now have a different view on your life going forward so capture this and write it down

Externalise your anxieties

Keeping worries and anxieties locked in your head can make situations seem overwhelming. By using your Bullet Journal to write down how you are feeling it can help to firstly get it out of your head but then to also go back over it and put some perspective on things. It will help to isolate the issues which are causing you the worries and see what is in your control to change and what isn’t.

Capture things that spark your interest

There is so much information coming at us from all angles at the moment -again it can be overwhelming. Within this there are little gems that really capture your imagination that you want to remember or action on. Maybe it’s a new skill or a recipe you want to try or even a new TV show that everyone raves about.

TOP TIP: Create spreads in your Bullet Journal for the Recipes to try, Books to read, TV shows to watch, skills to try. Capturing these in your journal means you can refer back easily.

Create some daily structure

Days are merging into each other at the moment and it can be hard to focus on what you have achieved during the day. A daily spread in your journal can help you prioritise what you want to do, up to 3 things. These can be simple tasks like “Sort out a cupboard” Mow the lawn” or they can be work related tasks that you can achieve in a day.

Use the page to set out the other tasks that are on your list and keep adding or deleting as you go through. At the end of the day you will be able to see what you have achieved but also then “migrate” tasks onto the next day. This way you keep a track of your tasks but also get to review why you are doing these tasks and are they really important.

An example of a daily spread

TOP TIP: Kickstart the day with a daily spread. Set out an intention or one thing you are looking forward to today. Include a motivational quote if you have a favourite. Focus on your priorities first.

Reflection time

It doesn’t take long at the end of the day to use your journal to reflect back on how the day has gone. You can do this at the end of the working day or even just before bedtime. Again it helps you review what went well and what could be better.

TOP TIP: Create a space on your daily spread for reflection and gratitude. Write down how you are feeling and look for the positives from the day. Also write down what you feel grateful for this helps to set out a positive vibe that you sometimes struggle to find.

Gratitude log for Bullet Journaling
You can create a gratitude page or have a small section on your daily blog – it’s your choice.

This is a time to reset your life, things are going to be very different for a long time but use this time to create the life you want to have. Take control and focus your energy on what life will be for you in the “new norm”

Bullet Journaling Workshops

If you are interested in Bullet Journaling we have recently launched our online beginners workshops where I can guide you through the process and there’s a chance to ask questions in the hour sessions.

You can find out more about all the workshops and courses we run here https://got2jot.co.uk/bullet-journaling/

Bullet Journal accessories and gifts

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We also have lots of other blogs online to help you get started with Bullet Journaling.

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